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series- and prototypeconstruction of bed spring strips

The quality of a bed will be valued on the basis of the used strips. You will already notice quality-differences with the election of the wood-type. Our long-time experience in the production of bedspring-strips from beech guarantees you and your customers a lasting form-stability and break-security of the bedspring-strips. We adopt the complete manufacturing from the raw wood up to the ready bedspring-strip - everything from a hand.
We use only strictly picked out beech with it to grant a health-retentive elasticity for our customers. From the standard strip to particular sale-promoting forms we are the right conversation-partner for you.

We like to adopt the idea and production of your prototype - for each framework and even any particular construction. Your ideas are not kept to any limits. The strips are specifically ennobled on request.

We guarantee a high quality standard
"Made in Germany" - since over 25 years!

Our competent PS-Team will gladly advise you!
storage of the wooden tiles and bed spring strips device during cutting of the bed spring strips bedspring strips with foil surface with forming